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Get Paid With Our Event Finder Program:

How It Works: Event Finder Program

Available for:

Graduation and Birthday Parties / Rallies / Open Houses

Private Sessions / Charity Events / Fundraisers

Incentive Programs /Special Events / Promotions

Operating Fees/Appearances:

For $700.00 Vincent will operate the iWHEELiE.COM Wheelie Simulator at a location for 2 hours. This price includes up to one hour of travel time from Annapolis MD to the address of event. There will be an extra fee for any travel time beyond the first hour. The fee is broken down in 1/2 hour increments at a rate of $50.00 for each 1/2 hour one-way. iWHEELiE.COM can/will operate beyond the first 2 hours priced at $150 per hour. The use of our generator for power is a $50 per day extra charge.

Operating Fees/Travel:

For events that require us to stay overnight, such as multi-day events or events that are 5 or more hours away Annapolis MD, there will be a $150 per night hotel stay added to the above operating fee.

Learning to Ride:

$150 Gear Changing/Fundamentals/Operations Class, Class is one hour (learn how operate a motorcycle safely)

Private Sessions:

$150 per hour at our home locations in Annapolis MD


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